APP Operation Guide

Network Setting For Device:

Getting Genmitsu wifi modules connected to home/office wifi network

First of all:

1. Open the app and click the networking button(left pic)

2. You will see this page than click the “Click to go to Phone setting Panel.” (middle pic)

3. Then choose the hotspot with the name starts with“Gmt_Grbl_”

*if you don’t see the hotspot for couple seconds, you can close the WLAN and restart it

Then: Wait for the wifi icon from this

turn to

when the wifi icon turn to be like this

click back to the app you will see the page like left pic below, and click the Network Settings button to enter the network setting page:

*Usually the system will send you a pop up prompt to ask you about keeping the connection or not during the waiting period, just click “No thanks” while see it.

Finally: Choose the wifi net you want the device to connect, and input password pressure the Confirm button, if connection is successful, then connect your phone to your home wifi net you choose for the device:

File Load And Run

  1. Enter the APP ->FileLoad Tag-> File icon button;
  2. Uncheck the default file chosen on the page list -> LoadFile -> Choose a file -> Click Confirm *The app sends the file you choose to Wi-Fi module, and turns back to the last page automatically;
  3. Choose the file you sent on File in the SD card and click LoadFile again to back to home page

to run the file.

*Genmitsu APP version is v1.0.0 or earlier and doesn’t support reading or processing files on SD card that was sent.

Unlock the ALARM status of CNC on the APP:

Click the lock icon to unlock the alarm status on APP

Application error toast table





User did not allow reading external storage LoadFile

The app failed to obtain file access permissions from the phone system,you may need to config relevant access permissions for this app


MSG: check limit

CNC triggers the hard limit


warning: SD card is not inserted

SD card is not inserted on the wifi module


The machine may be connected by another phone or PC device

The wifi module is connected by another app or pc already, you can't control it now


Warn: Wi-Fi Module Not Connected or ESTOP Button Issue

The ESTOP Button is pressed on CNC, you need to loose it.

Firmware Update

Online update

* This method could be used when the wifi module is already connected to the wifi router and the wifi router has internet access.

For network setting pls read APP Operation Guide: NETWORK SETTING part

*This update method will disconnect the device from the mobile app once the update process is initiated. Please wait for approximately 15-20 seconds, after which the device will reappear on the home screen of the app.

How to confirm the firmware on the wifi module is updated successfully? If the result shows “firmware is up to date” means update success:

Offline update (upcoming)

Install the newest version(>v1.0.0) of the app, and then connect the phone to the hotspot of the wifi module, enter APP click the Network setting button enter the page with the firmware update option.

Connect Genmitsu APP to the Wi-Fi module

Upload G-code through the Genmitsu APP with files in your phone or cloud drive.

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