The Beginner’s Guide to Genmitsu CNC Upgrade & Accessories

Unlike 3D Printed objects which can result in structural weaknesses due to the printing process, milling a solid part out of one piece can result in a much stronger piece. There are also many materials that cannot be 3D printed but can be easily engraved.

SainSmart Genmitsu series offers desktop CNC machines that offer a worry-free warranty, best value and easiest assembly in its class.

Our Genmitsu CNC is capable of handling many different projects right out of the box. If you want to expand your machine's capabilities, Sainsmart has everything you need to upgrade and modify your machine just the way you want it. All upgrades include instructions.

Upgrade your Genmitsu Desktop CNC

Some of our most popular upgrades increase your machines work area, Z-Axis upgrades allow you to use more powerful spindles while also increasing your machines working rigidity. Our line of KABA enclosures will help reduce the noise level of your machine and help keep your work area dust free.

Reduce Noise and Dust

Mill anytime anywhere with Sainsmart’s series of KABA Desktop CNC Enclosures.  Proven to reduce working noise and keep dust from getting everywhere.  Perfect for Apartments, Offices, or your workbench.

Hardware & Modules

Extension Kits 
Upgraded All Metal Z-Axis Spindle Carriage 
Laser Modules & Accessories
Spindle Upgrades
Replacement Parts

Spoil Boards

Offline Controllers

Control Boards

End Mills & Bits

No matter your project Sainsmart has the Milling/Engraving bits you need to get the job done.  While there is alot to consider when choosing the right bit here are a few recommendations to get you started.  If you are interested in knowing more about the entire series, follow this link and check out our comparison tables which highlight appropriate materials and tool applications.

Collets & Nuts

Keep spare bits at the ready with a set of Collets or Spare ER11 Nuts with a spare Collet for quick tool swaps.  If you're looking to speed up your Roughing toolpaths upgrade to a larger (¼”) collet and end mill.

Materials & Fixtures

With your new 3018 Desktop CNC you can work with a wide variety of materials when working on your next project. To help you gain experience and avoid expensive mistakes we offer a selection of starter materials to help get you started. Your machine includes clamps necessary to hold your work piece in place, upgrade your experience and use Genmitsu Mini Clamps with your 3018 CNC for quick work setup and removal.

All our Desktop CNC Materials can be found here.

These are just a few of the bits we carry.  Make it easier to swap bits with an extra ER-11 Nut set and Spare Collets!  You can easily keep a few frequently used bits at the ready and make changing them out a breeze, also stay organized with our Storage Tray

These are a few of our recommendations, check out the link here for the rest of our accessories.

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