Genmitsu Jinsoku LC-40 Resources

APP for Android and iOS (for Custom Firmware Only)

Note: If you are using GRBL Firmware, you can only connect and operate the machine with LaserGRBL and LightBurn on your PC.

PC Software

  • GRBL Firmware Users:
    • LightBurn (support Windows, Mac and Linux) - Premium Software with Free Trial
    • LaserGRBL (support Windows Only) - Free and Open Source Software


You can now update the original firmware version and also switch from original firmware to grbl firmware with the latest mobile phone application. But if you need to switch back to the original firmware from the grbl firmware, you would still need to use a PC and follow the video instruction.

When flashing the firmware, if you get this error message followed by no device found, but the device is actually connected and showing in the device manager.

Please disable all USB ports except the one that is used by your laser machine and try again, it should work without issues.

User Guide

LC-40 User Manual (EN+JP+DE) (Click to view)


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