This compendium is the collection of resources for 4040-Reno CNC provided by SainSmart and community members.

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Machine Operation


  • GRBL Error Code List & Meaning: Whenever something is going wrong with your CNC, GRBL tries its best to provide you with an error code to help you in diagnosing and resolving the issue you are having. This information is invaluable in getting your CNC back up and running so we suggest that you keep an eye out for error codes and make sure to include this information if you need further support from us.
  • Gcode Sample: Originally provided on the SD card that came with your CNC, these are pre-made test cuts users can use to try out their machine or to help troubleshoot issues with other files.

Other Software

Misc. Download Links

  • Full Contents of 4040 USB: Included with your 4040-PRO packaging is a USB stick with much of the above content, as well as video instructions and more. Meant for those who lost their USB stick.

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