Genmitsu 3018 Pro Resources


This compendium is the collection of resources for Genmitsu 3018-Pro provided by SainSmart and community members.

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CNC Controller Software Installation

  • How to Install Candle/GRBLControl for Windows
    • GRBLControl/Candle 1.17 (For Windows): Link downloads a .zip file containing a full copy of Candle, the software you can use to run your CNC through your computer. Must unzip entire folder to use.
    • CH341SER Driver (For Windows): If windows does not do so automatically when you connect your CNC to the computer for the first time, this downloadable file is the Driver which is needed for your computer to be able to communicate with your CNC.
  • How to Install Candle/GRBL Control for Mac (Except for Catalina & Big Sur)
    • Please Note if you Have Mac OS Catalina or later: Unfortunately, due to recent security changes in Catalina and Big Sur, Candle has been unable to run on these systems. At this time there are no fixes, as a lot of the issues are related to how Big Sur changed what software is acceptable, and what is not. Since Candle has not been updated for Mac in some time, it is unfortunately not permitted by the operating system anymore even though it is "Mac Compatible" in every conventional sense of the term.
    • We recommend Mac OS Catalina or later users to use UGS control software for CNC operations. What we have been advising Mac Catalina & Big Sur users to do is to migrate to Easel, a browser-based variant of Candle which is also free to use.
    • GRBLControl/Candle 1.17 (For Mac): Zip file containing a full copy of Candle, the software you can use to run your CNC through your computer. Must unzip entire folder to use, instructions on how to install is included in .zip file.
    • CH341SER Driver (For Mac): This driver will not install automatically and must be installed as dictated by instructions included in the .zip which this link will download.
    • PDF Instructions For Mac Installation for Candle: Included in the files for Candle itself, this link goes directly to a PDF for those who want a printable/offline copy of the instructions.

Configuration & Testing

Machine Operation

Laser Guides & Instructions


  • GRBL Error Code List & Meaning: Whenever something is going wrong with your CNC, GRBL tries it's best to provide you with an error code to help you in diagnosing and resolving the issue you are having. This information is invaluable in getting your CNC back up and running so we suggest that you keep an eye out for error codes and make sure to include this information if you need further support from us.

Upgrading Your 3018 Pro

Other Software

Misc. Download Links

  • Full Contents of 3018 Pro CD (308 MB): Included with your 3018 Pro packaging is a CD with much of the above content, as well as video instructions and more. Meant for those who lost their CD or do not have a CD drive on their computer.

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